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Wave Shade

Wave Shade

The retractable shade cover

Introducing Wave Shade, a premium sun shade solution brought to you by Umbrello, a trusted provider in the industry. Proudly made in New Zealand and available in Australia through Umbrello’s distribution network, Wave Shade offers cutting-edge design and unmatched functionality.

Unlike traditional shades, Wave Shade stands out with its retractable design, featuring a unique series of billows for customizable coverage. This innovative feature ensures adaptable shading options to suit various outdoor settings and preferences.

You can effortlessly enjoy sunlight or seek shade whenever necessary, ensuring optimal comfort throughout the day. Plus, our shades are fully customizable to seamlessly fit over pergolas, gazebos, decks, walls, or poles, providing endless installation possibilities tailored to your needs.

In addition to its versatile design, Wave Shade also offers waterproof options and contributes to acoustic dampening, further enhancing its practicality and ambiance. Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with Wave Shade from Umbrello, your go-to solution for premium sun shading.

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Style and performance

Extendable Sun Shade

Unlike anything else on the market, Wave Shade delivers big on both performance and style. Sleek and durable, featuring superior 20MIC anodized coated aluminium parts and polished stainless steel fixings to give a premium appearance that will complement any property. Shade View 300 fabric has an openness factor of just 5%, giving exceptional UV protection, and comes in a wide range of modern colours.

Manufactured in New Zealand from the best quality materials, Wave Shades can be extended and retracted quickly and easily so you or your customers can enjoy the open feel or have the shade exactly when they want it.

Contemporary colours

Shade View 300 is the premium fabric used on all Wave Shade sails. It is a very high performance mesh fabric which is fire retardant, has a 5% openness factor offering high UV and heat protection.



User-friendly design

Manual pole or integrated cord retraction

The beauty of Wave Shade is its simple, user-friendly design that makes it a breeze to use for homeowners, restaurants and installers alike.

Lightweight materials make Wave Shade easy to transport and handle, and installation is straightforward and fast. Once installed, you or your customers will enjoy smooth, effortless shade retraction each and every time.

Choose either an integrated cord or pole retraction system. The cord retraction option operates on a stainless steel pulley and a polyester braid. It works like a blind, pulling one side of the cord loop to retract and the other way to extend it; this system allows customers to lock it off halfway open.

Pole retraction comprises of a medium duty pole and a stainless steel cleat on the front spar of the Wave Shade. The aluminium pole hooks to the cleat to retract the Wave Shade back and forth.


Custom-made shades

Every Wave Shade system is custom-made to order, ensuring a perfect fit over any outdoor space. Choose how much billow the shade has, and how low the billows hang. They can also specify how close the spars are (spars are the aluminium cross bars that holds the fabric out).

For standard Wave Shades, they operate on two wire cables. We recommend that each Wave Shade does not exceed 10m². This allows for dimensions like 5m in length and 2m in width or 2.5m in length and 4m in width.

If you’re covering a large area, it’s advisable to use multiple units or install two shades side by side. Larger shades can be manufactured with three cable wires. Get in touch with the Wave Shade design team to discuss your project specifications.

You can fit Wave Shades onto existing pergolas, gazebos, decks, outdoor frameworks, timber beams, structures, posts, and houses. A crucial aspect of a good installation is ensuring the wire cables are tightly secured, so Wave Shades should be attached to a sturdy structure.

Robust componentry

Hardware for all conditions

Every Wave Shade is custom-built to perfectly fit your property, ensuring years of hassle-free use with only the very best retractable componentry kit & shade cover materials.

Moreover, high-quality marine-grade Stainless Steel fixtures and fittings, along with durable aluminium spacer battens, guarantee continued performance even in the toughest conditions. Additionally, aluminium and stainless steel components make them suitable for coastal applications.

Furthermore, the hardware system features a sleek, contemporary design, adding a stylish finish to any outdoor area, be it for deck shade or a retractable pergola shade.

With polished marine-grade stainless steel ensuring longevity outdoors, coupled with Niche natural 20MIC anodized coating providing superior product retractable shade, you can rely on Wave Shade’s durability.

Notably, the manual retraction system allows customers to extend and retract the shade quickly and easily. Plus, Wave Shade comes with an all-inclusive wire hung canopy kit, providing everything needed for installation.


Low maintenance sails

Maintaining and cleaning you Shades are simple and straightforward.

Unclip the shade quickly and wash the mildew-resistant fabric and hardware by hand, in water, or with a pressure hose.

Moreover, make sure to grease the wire cables annually to ensure smooth sliding of the shade.

During the winter months, you can take down and store your Shade products with ease. This truly offers the ultimate in shade flexibility and longevity.

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